Board of Education Vacancy

Board of Education Vacancy

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Lafayette Township Board of Education is seeking a candidate to fill a vacancy on the Board of Education arising from the election.

Qualifications for becoming a member of the Board of Education are:

1) Must be a citizen of the United States of America;

2) Must be able to read and write;

3) Must be a resident of Lafayette Township for at least one year;

4) Shall not be directly/indirectly interested in any contract or claim against the Board;

5) Shall be a registered voter in the district;

6) Shall not be disqualified as a voter pursuant to NJSA 19:4-1

Interested candidates are requested to send a letter of interest, along with a resume,

no later than May 18, 2022 to: Erin Siipola, Board Secretary, Lafayette Township Board of Education, 178 Beaver Run Road, Lafayette, NJ 07848.

Erin Siipola

Board Secretary