Gifted and Talented Program Information

Gifted and Talented  

Policies and procedures used to identify students as gifted and talented: 

Our district identifies exceptional learners through a comprehensive and cohesive process to determine eligibility and selection for the gifted and talented program.  We use a variety of criteria for identification and selection of exceptional learners to provide a spectrum of services for identified students. 


The continuum of services offered to gifted and talented students: 

  • Recognition of unique talents and needs of every student identified as exceptional 
  • Expansion and development of intellectual skills through provided opportunities 
  • Stimulation of intellectual curiosity as well as independent exploration 
  • Fostering self-motivation, creativity, and continuous learning 
  • Providing advocacy for exceptional learners’ needs in the school community 


The criteria used for consideration for eligibility for the gifted and talented services, including the multiple measures used in the identification process to match a student’s needs with service, and any applicable timelines in the identification process: 

  • Professional staff recommendations 
  • Parent input via school provided questionnaire  
  • Student performance assessment 
  • Standardized test scores  

The above criteria will be revisited and each student’s participation in the gifted and talented program will be assessed on a yearly basis.  


Complaint for Noncompliance 

All questions and concerns regarding the gifted and talented program should be communicated to the district’s program coordinator and may be communicated to the district administration. An in-person, virtual, or phone meeting may be scheduled to discuss and resolve any issues.  Students will be assessed at the beginning of each school year. Upon request, a student may be reassessed mid-year (by Jan. 1) for participation in the program for the remainder of the school year. 

For complaints of noncompliance, please email complaint to Gerard Fazzio at [email protected].